Foundation Highlight: Benjamin Boadu

Benjamin Boadu

Ben Boadu is a busy man. He is an educator and Headmaster of the Nkurakan K-9 public school of nearly 300 children. He is a faithful husband and father of 3 young children. He is also a gifted artist. Despite his full daily schedule, he committed to the Bright Water Foundation 8-day Safe Water Education program training in September. He spends time weekly educating local villagers about safe water principles and practices, using the Teach-Test-Treat methodology. Ben is also helping to institute a safe water education program in the 7 local schools in his village area, including his own Nkurakan school. During recent communications Ben sent a variety of photos as he works in the school and community to teach the safe water message. “I am really glad to be part of this program,” he wrote. BWF is grateful for his leadership and teaching skills in his community.


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