Celebrating Global Hand Washing Day in Atiwa West District

Since 2008, Global Handwashing Day has been celebrated annually on October 15 to promote handwashing with soap and water as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent disease and save lives. Studies have shown that handwashing with soap practiced at key moments, such as after using the toilet or before eating, will dramatically reduce the risk of diarrhea and pneumonia, which can and does cause serious illness and death. Two million children lose their lives to diarrhea alone, annually, 30,000 of them in Ghana.

The Bright Water Foundation sponsored Safe Water Education initiative in Atiwa West District, Eastern Region, Ghana, a community-based, self-directed effort decided to use October 15 to spotlight handwashing. Safe water educators and volunteers “blitzed” the local schools in the target village area with messages and handwashing demonstrations, including handwashing flyers for students to post in their homes.

We give a hearty “shout-out” to the local leadership for their innovation and initiative in celebrating this important health project in the District.

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