Sabbaths Galore!!

Fulfillment, Love and Happiness Celebrating the Sabbath has never been so exciting.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meeting was first, with beautiful talks in Twi that were kindly interspersed with English translation. “Stay Focused on Christ; correct your path; and he will give you rest.” We were warmly welcomed with love, fist bumps and smiles.

Our path then brought us to the Apostolic church with our blessed Pastor Dennis Ageykum. Here we were invited to sit in front, with him, with a large congregation. We sang; we danced; we prayed; we listened and felt the spirit of those surrounding us. We even were asked to speak!

Natalie waxed eloquent and Pastor Dennis could not have extended a warmer welcome. Delight! THEN, we were invited to a Durbar at an Apostolic Church conducted by Elder Isaac (an amazing new SWE) and our BWF Dennis Ageykum. Here we fist bumped ALL the Chiefs; taught BWF principles; met the Queen Mother; and made forever friends. My heart has never been more full!

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