Bright Water Foundation School Health Clubs

The school children in the villages Bright Water Foundation serves are enthusiastic about learning safe water principles that will bless their families and communities. Visiting the schools is a highlight of each expedition. These students are holding a story about a family learning to practice safe water principles written and illustrated by Joy Allen, the renowned illustrator. We are blessed to to have her on our BWF team.

Some school health clubs have close to 100 members. They vote for a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary. They meet weekly for sanitation and hygiene lessons. 




They serve the school by taking care of their safe drinking water in the Veronica buckets provided by Bright Water Foundation. They clean up the school grounds and take home these principles to their families. Most importantly, they celebrate safe water through essays, speeches, dramas, dances, and art contests. The students love to be part of the health club and learn important leadership and communication skills while they practice safe water habits that will impact their health and their future. Mar 22, 2023 is World Water Day and the School Health Clubs are celebrating by submitting posters for an inter school art contest. These posters will be colored with much needed supplies provided by Bright Water Foundation and celebrate the importance of safe water for all people of the world. Stay tuned for the winners!

Akwaduuso primary school learning safe water principles. All ages in each household can contribute to make sure water is kept uncontaminated after it is treated.


Children in Ekorso practicing hand washing after being taught by the Safe Water Educators.


The teachers of Amonom primary school preparing for the inter school art contest.


The School Health Club students from Akwadum performed a dance about the importance of safe water to health.



The Bright Water Foundation Health Club in Nkurakan.


Sankubenase girls futbol team preparing for a big match with Amonom. Safe water principles promote health to work and play.



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