See how we're working to solve the global water crisis

Our mission

Two Billion people don’t have access to safe water and know how to make water safe.  Our mission is to transform lives by promoting and improving family health and self-reliance through water-borne disease prevention.

A key part of our success is Safe Water Educators (SWE’s).  SWE’s are locals that we train on how to test water for contamination, teach families that their water is contaminated, and that it is the water they drink every day that is making them and their families sick.  The SWE’s teach those families how to treat their water and do more testing to show that the water is now safe.

Impact so far

We’re just getting started…


11 Projects completed

Each project serves a village community  with local Safe Water Educators, school drinking water stations and health clubs, and household visits by Safe Water Educators.

99% Effective

SWEs continue to monitor household water supplies for contamination.  One year into a project, our data shows that less than 1% of household water supplies present a serious health risk.  

Over 105,000 People

These individuals and families are now drinking safe water because of what they’ve learned from their Safe Water Educator.

Over 3,500 students

In addition to drinking stations, we sponsor school education programs that teach students safe water principles, sanitation and general hygiene.

Meet Our Founder

In January 2014, a light bulb moment started it all.

Rick Blodgett

Chair, CEO

Rick has always been interested in water. It’s one of the few things we all need to survive.  Through extensive research in groundwater microbiology and a passion for helping those in need, Rick founded the Bright Water Foundation with one simple idea – Safe Water for a brighter future.

Nearly 10 years after starting the Bright Water Foundation, Rick leads a team of dozens of volunteers as we help people around the world prevent water-borne disease.