Our Ambitious Goal

Safe Water for a Brighter Future
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The Challenge

Over 2 billion people do not have access to clean and safe water. Contaminated water can transmit fatal diseases that cause over 3 million deaths each year.

Access to safe water through infrastructure improvements is the ideal solution to this problem. We applaud the efforts of many organizations improving water access. However, the reality of these improvements are in the distant future for most communities.

In the meantime, with Bright Water Foundation’s safe water teaching, rapid water testing, and appropriate water treating, individuals can have safe water now. Safe water and healthier, more productive lives.

The Solution

The Bright Water Foundation

Teach. Test. Treat.


We train local Safe Water Educators in the “Teach, Test, Treat” Safe Water Education Program.  Using a simple science based rapid water testing method, the SWEs can show others just how dangerous their water is.  They use village friendly training and educational materials and show how effective water treatment is.

This initiative supports the efforts of water development agencies in bringing “safe” water to every household.

The Bright Water Foundation fills an important gap in the water supply chain, especially for rural dwellers.

Even safe water taken from deep boreholes has been shown to be contaminated by the time it is drawn, transported, and placed in household water supply vessels.

By using the Teach, Test, Treat approach, Safe Water Educators teach and enable individual households to independently treat and safely store water for family use.

Impacting Lives In

Lower Nyakach, Kenya

Atiwa West District, Ghana, Africa

La Calle Real, Nicaragua



Join us in improving lives with safe water. Safe water means:

  • Healthier families
  • Less time in the hospital
  • Lower medication costs
  • Fewer missed days of school for children
  • Fewer missed days of work for teens and adults
  • Improved nutrition
  • Greater self-reliance
  • Empowering women
  • Stimulating the local economy