Your Donations Have A Huge Impact

Our educational framework and technology allow us to achieve real results as we work to eliminate waterborne disease worldwide. Supported by your generous donations we can really work to make a difference.


The Portable Microbiology Lab

This portable lab allows one household to perform over seventy tests! For only $60 you can provide one of these to three households. We deliver these and educate individuals so they empowered. Empowered to know if their water is safe to drink, and how to treat it. This simple portable lab replaces costly labs and archaic testing methods that are neither practical or available for this use. This device is simple, easy to use and easy to make. A small piece of wax inside this sealed tube melts as the water reaches sixty five degrees Celsius. Water at that temperature is pasteurized and free from any harmful microbes. These devices cost about .40 US Cents to produce.


Safe Water Vessels

Here we see a ceramic safe storage container to hold treated water. It’s important that families have a safe container, with a lid that seals, to store treated water. Next to the ceramic container we see, WaterGuard, chlorine treatment, bottle sitting on top of fireless cooker – used to keep water and food hot, or to finish cooking food that has been brought to a boil. The fireless cooker is heavily used and appreciated. These tools vary in cost depending on construction and location.