Long Trip—Amazing Ghanaian People

It was such a long plane trip to Ghana, but the airports hold the gold.

At LAX we kept running into a very nice lady with a huge smile. Amazingly she ended up being my seat mate to JFK. Where was she from??? Ghana – nonstop cultural introduction and laughter. She kept telling me how loving the GHANAIAN people are. What was her name? Grace!!!

JFK held more golden moments. Here two ladies (Lawore and Felicia) from Ghana helped me practice Twi, and boy did I need practice. Lo and behold, who was I blessed to sit beside in assigned seats??? Felicia, who is nothing short of exquisite. We are friends forever!

She told me so many things. I jumped off the plane with so much excitement! I already LOVE Ghana and cannot wait for day 2!.

– Sandra


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