Our ambitious goal: to eliminate water-borne disease worldwide

663 Million people lack access to safe water.

Over 1.8 million people die from waterborne disease every year, the majority of whom are under the age of 5. This is particularly tragic considering there were already 976 safe water initiatives worldwide as of 2007, and the World Health Organization reports nearly all waterborne disease is preventable. The Bright Water Foundation believes there is a solution to this problem, and we are dedicated to eliminating waterborne disease worldwide.

Current Cases

Every 61 seconds a child dies from waterborne disease.

The Challenge

The challenge is that often people in these communities don’t understand or truly believe that their water is the cause of their illnesses. This problem requires a Cultural Change and that’s not easy! New wells are wonderful – People are thrilled, clean water, closer, easier to obtain – but wells inevitably become contaminated and then without testing and treatment they give a false sense of security.

What is BWF Doing Differently?

Bright Water Foundation’s unique solution to this challenge lies in its extremely inexpensive testing of community water sources and near immediate results which serves as the motivation for community members to change their behavior – a cultural change – to properly and consistently treat and store their water. This cultural change can eliminate illness independent of water source improvements.

Seeing IS Believing – Belief enables a Cultural Conversion

Our Approach

Lower Nyakach, Kenya

Initial anecdotal reports from the district hospital in Pap Onditi, Kenya, which serves the Lower and Upper Nyakach regions, report a 40-73% decrease in diarrhea since the introduction of the Friends of the Old (FOTO) project intervention using evidence-based microbiology in 2012. In February 2015, during the midst of a major cholera outbreak ...

La Calle Real, Nicaragua

We are in the beginning phases of our project in La Calle Real, Nicaragua. James Stark, Vice President of the Bright Water Foundation made a 3 day visit to La Calle Real in conjunction with the Worldwide Child Relief Foundation (WCRF) founded by Hal and Denise Young. The purpose of the trip was to meet with local residents, assess their water needs ...

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