App Training and Practice!!

The BWF team was honored today to have the author of the BWF Cell Phone Survey Application, Sam Hammond, come explain and take feedback on the app. The app allows SWEs to record basic survey information, water test results and educational activities day-to-day.

The U.S. team met with all the experienced SWEs who were essential in helping the new recruits download and begin using the app. All met the challenge – even with spotty internet coverage.

Sam received app feedback from the group, and Jocelyn (his new wife) gave him her full support. SWEs then practiced household surveys and entering data. Afterward Dennis showed the new group how to identify appropriate survey households by systematic sampling.

Our Momma Victoria (Guest House caretaker) prepared a Ghanaian feast for an exquisite dinner with Stephen and Margaret Abu. While we fell a bit short on meeting all of today’s goals, we could not squeeze in another moment of BWF work today.


One thought on “App Training and Practice!!

  1. Sam has made an enormous contribution to the success of Bright Water’s efforts. He has been selfless in both creating and fine-tuning the cell phone app. It is a pocket-sized file drawer making it very simple and easy for inputting safe water education activities by every educator. Bless this good young man for his stellar effort.

    And Joycelyn, his sweetheart, has also been a life-saver several times in helping to source needed goods for the program in Accra. They make a great pair.

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