Asunafo Project Training Expedition Summary

In October 2022 we trained 6 Safe Water Educators to work in Asunafo, Ghana, a village of 1000 households. These super six have worked through half of the community with diligence teaching families how to treat their water at the point of use, their own household. 

Asunafo Safe Water Educators are introduced to the community during a durbar

Community members ask questions and the BWF team helps them understand the work of the Safe Water Educators in the community

Badu, from the district health department attends to teach the importance of the Safe Water education and initiative.

The community has absorbed their teaching and adopted safe water practices that will bless their family members. Households have access to water treatment products and have a designated covered drinking water container where they keep and dispense it safely. The residents on the other side of the road are anxious for the Safe Water Educators to come teach them. One of our Safe Water Educators, Maxwell, lives in the second half of the community. Since he began treating his water, neighbors come to his home to drink water. Asunafo is quickly becoming a safe water culture thanks to the committed and diligent efforts of these important members in their own community who carry important tools and technologies to improve water quality and impact their lives.

A thriving school health club of 84 members lead by Fatimata, the safe water educator on the far left, meets each week to discuss and practice safe water and sanitation principles.

Richmond and Fati discuss new updates on the app that allow them to serve their community better.

Technology developed by Bright Water Foundation allow Safe Water Educators Bridgette and Benidicta to survey their community health. This information is valuable to the local health ministry and allows Bright Water Foundation to track the impact of Safe Water principles in the community.


Richmond, Meshack, Maxwell, Fati, Benidicta, and Bridgette

Also pictured are Yaw our expedition driver (left with the hat), Dennis our incredible in country program manager (middle with the hat), Mack Dalley – BWF trainer and expeditioner), and Isaac our chlorine tablet distribution coordinator (far right)

Vendors are selected and trained to teach their customers about the safe water products they carry. Local vendors increase water treatment product access and awareness.

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