Dennis Agyekum Joins the Expedition

Dennis Agyekum is a young, vibrant man, married to Jemima and blessed with two sons. He is the Ghana Project Manager for Bright Water Foundation, having worked earlier with World Joy in several capacities. Dennis is an educator in a thriving Jr. high school and has recently earned a master’s degree in educational administration. He is also active in his church ministry.

Dennis is motivated by his passion for promoting improvements in community development. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations and continuing self-study, at the same time staying in tune with those he serves.

This young man is action oriented. He is determined to turn information into action. He is diligent in building lasting relationships with local community and traditional authorities and in implementing strategic project management methods. He is also mindful of team members in the program, always working to ensure a work-life balance for each member. Dennis believes mindfulness in any work you do is key to success, a tenet he lives out through all his activities, both personal and professional.

In Dennis’ own words, “Personally, Bright Water Foundation has been a springboard in helping me fulfill a mission to serve my fellow Ghanaians in a time of need, to be a light in the darkness to my people. The communities receiving this practical safe water education from BWF can now boast of good health and more productive time, which translates to more income and healthy children in clean, safe schools.”

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